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  1. Introduction
  2. Why Good Content Just Isn’t Enough (Usually)
  3. Does SEO Really Work?
  4. How Do I SEO My Website Myself?
  5. Real World Example


Here  at Google Ranker™ we improve the rankings of hundreds of websites each week, gradually getting them closer to the top results spot in Googles search engine result pages. We use time-tested methods that have regularly placed our customers onto the 1st page of Google, which gains them a significant increases in their monthly website visitors.

We know the ins and outs of what websites need to rank higher for their target terms, and we’re going to tell you most of it, just because we can!

“Being on the 1st page of Google is by far the largest source of internet traffic, and the best long-term strategy for increasing the amount of customers that your website receives each month.”
Gregory Ellis, Senior SEO Consultant

Read below to find out how to rank higher in Google, either by working on your website yourself, or via purchasing boosts from us. We’re here to help, so contact us if you have any other questions.

Why Good Content Just Isn’t Enough (Usually)

For competitive terms, the basics of ranking (having good relevant content) are usually not enough to rank highly.

This is important, because 95% of Google traffic goes only through the 1st page, and it decreases exponentially after that.

The reason good content alone is usually not enough to rank very highly, is because there will be lots of websites with similar good content, so how do search engines know which is the best one to show customers? This is where SEO comes in. After being listed based on the strength of your website itself, your Google rankings are then increased or decreased depending on your websites reputation on the internet.

Your websites reputation is primarily composed of which other websites ‘recommend’ you, by linking to you. It’s can be quite difficult to acquire these sorts of links, and Google can tell if they’re just spam links on a blog’s comment section, which it may penalise you for. Links which boost your reputation the most, are those within a website’s primary content, accompanied by lots of other relevant content. The link to your website should also contain the text that you’re wanting to rank for. It’s unlikely that many websites

Does SEO Really Work?

Yes. It’s the main process by which the vast majority of website achieve a page 1 or 2 listing for competitive search terms.

Conduct proper SEO yourselves, or purchase reputable proven SEO services such as Google Ranker’s boosts, and you will always see results.

Customers trust our website boosts to provide a permanent increase in their websites reputation with search engines, which leads to a higher rank, and a greater share of traffic for that search term.

If you’d like to see video testimonials from some of our customers, then please click here (opens in a new tab). We are adding new testimonials all of the time.

Our customers range from agencies using our services on behalf of their clients, to business owners themselves, simply purchasing SEO services directly from us. The service is so simple to use, companies often don’t require a marketing manager to implement it for them.

To use our services, all you need to know is the address of the webpage that you want to rank highly, and the search term that you want it to rank for. You can get the web address by visiting the page in your browser, and then copy and pasting it from the address bar at the top. The term you want to rank for is usually the name of your product or service, for example: Branding Agency Leeds, or Plumber in London), you then choose one of our boosts and enter those details!

How Do I SEO My Website Myself?

If you’d like to learn how to conduct on-site and off-site SEO yourself, then you can get our free PDF guide. Simply add it to your cart and complete the check-out, you won’t be charged anything, and you don’t need to enter any payment details.

Real-World Example

The below chart shows a real-world example of ranking history for one of our clients who purchased 1 boost per month for their target term: composite fence panels. As well as seeing an increase in the main term, they also received better rankings for several related terms for free, which is usually a byproduct of good SEO.

The table below details the web-page’s monthly Google position. Lower numbers are better, and you can see the strong trend towards position #1 each month. Also note the fluctuations, whereby some months there is a slight correction (decrease in ranking) after a period of significant improvements.

The most important aspect of this chart, is that it demonstrates the large increase in website visitors as the website gets to the top of page 2 and then onto page 1 (shown in purple).

improve google ranking

“This permanent increase in daily website visitors is exactly what most online businesses require, and ranking high in Google is the only long-term strategy suitable for those without a large, regular marketing budget, as it allows the business to spend a set amount on improving their website, and allocate that budget elsewhere once they’ve achieved the position and traffic-levels that they deem suitable.” – Lisa Thompson, Head of VIP Relations, Google-Ranker.

If you’d like to acquire similar results then we would recommend starting with one of our basic boosts, purchased from our products page, at only £99.

If you would like more examples of our client’s increasing their website Google ranking, then please contact us and we’ll provide various other case-studies that most closely match your own situation.

If you would like to conduct SEO yourself, then we have a free SEO PDF which goes over the basics of on-page and off-page SEO, which is everything that you need to do to organically increase your website’s natural online traffic by improving it’s reputation with the search engines, and thus having it rank higher than the competition.

If you choose to conduct the SEO yourselves then we wish you the best of luck, have a read through our guide and let us know if you have any questions!

However, if you’d like a helping hand, then we have our website boost services that combine everything you need into simple to understand products, which you can purchase gradually over time to see your rankings improve and traffic increase.

For most companies it’s likely that the time-saved and simplicity of using our boosts, outweighs the cost to results that they get hiring an in-house SEO export or instructing an agency on their behalf.

If you’d like to know any more about our services, checkout the F.A.Q page

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