How To Increase Website Traffic

Increasing your website traffic is of prime importance in this day and age. With thousands of websites all competing for the same traffic, you need to do all you can to ensure people land on your site instead of competitors.

how to increase website traffic

By increasing your web traffic, your site will see plenty of fantastic and worthwhile benefits: 

  • Generate more leads
  • Increase sales on e-commerce sites
  • Improve business reputation
  • Broaden your online presence
  • Stay one step ahead of your rivals

increase website traffic pdf increase website traffic pdfThere are many ways in which you can increase web traffic, and we’ve written an entire PDF guide on this subject before.

Our research examined the many ways in which to increase traffic, and which are the most reliable and cost-efficient in the long-term. So you 

What did we discover?

We identified there was one key thing you should focus on to see your traffic improve consistently; your Google Ranking. Improving your Google Ranking was the #1 method of increasing site traffic, both in terms of effectiveness, and cost savings compared to PPC etc, and was responsible for over 96% of online ecommerce sales.

Read more below to learn what your Google ranking is, and how to improve it.

What Is Your Google Ranking?

increase your google ranking

To put it simply, your Google Ranking is the position your website appears in the search results for certain keywords/phrases. Every time someone searches for something, they see a list of all the different websites that come up. The ones at the top of the results are the highest up the rankings – giving them prime visibility compared to others.

Why Is Your Google Ranking Important For Increasing Website Traffic?

So, where does the correlation between Google Ranking and website traffic come into play? Well, all you have to do is look at some of the recent statistics to figure out why your ranking is so important.

Recent research suggests that the site in the first position on desktop Google search results has a click-through rate of 31.52%. This essentially means that around a third of the users running a search will click on the first result.

Similarly, it’s found that the further down the results you are, the lower your click-through rate will be. If you place anywhere below 5th position in the rankings, then you can expect a click-through rate of under 5%. If you’re not even on the first page of results, then there’s every chance you CTR will be close to 0.

In essence, if you’re not in the top 5 ranking spots, then your website isn’t going to see a great deal of traffic. Therefore, you need to consider many different options for boosting your Google Ranking and elevating your site to those top spots.

How Does Google Rank Your Website?

There’s a big question to consider here; how does Google determine the search rankings? What makes one website ‘better’ than all the rest and land in the top spot? The reality is that Google has a whole list of different best practices that it considers before deciding a website’s ranking position.

First and foremost, they look at the content on your website. If your site is full of good-quality content, then you’re immediately in their good books. On the contrary, if your site is full of spam and poor content, then you’ll be dropped down the rankings right away.

Naturally, any websites could be equal regarding the content they offer. So, how are all these sites separated? It all boils down to the reputation of your website. Websites with a good reputation will be ranked a lot higher than those with bad ones. Why? Because Google wants to provide users with trustworthy websites at all times. They want to direct traffic to the most reputable sites, rather than sending people to dodgy websites that could contain all manner of bad things on them. Here at Google Ranker, we focus on improving your website’s reputation to give you a rankings boost above your competitors. Therefore, you’ll be right up in the top search results, and will see an increase in web traffic.

So, How Do We Do This?

We have a simple approach to improving your search ranking and web traffic. We aim to do this as safely and effectively as possible. There are multiple ways in which we can make your website more reputable and see it rise up the rankings:

  • The creation of high-quality articles/copywriting/ guest posts
  • Professional industry outreach and communication with 3rd parties
  • The arrangement of appropriate backlink placements on relevant websites

At Google Ranker, we’re different to a lot of other SEO/SEM service provides in that we wrap all three of these things into one tidy little package. The result is better value for you, along with guaranteed results in a short space of time. All you have to do is purchase this service, and we handle the rest.

Naturally, you may wonder how these three things contribute to a better ranking and more web traffic. So, allow us to explain each point in more detail to provide a clearer picture of everything.

Step 1: The Creation of High-Quality Content

We have a team of highly talented content creators that work together to produce excellent content for your website. As previously mentioned, content is everything with regards to your Google Ranking. In many ways, it’s like the first hurdle in a race. Fall now, and the whole race is over. Consequently, you need great content to get you off to a flying start.

There are many different types of content we can provide you with, these include:

  • Blog posts: Blogs are a great way of driving more traffic to your site and generating a lot of clicks. With a blog, you can now target different keywords and phrases, by including the relevant keywords in your blog posts. This expands your market reach by inviting new people to find your site. We’ll happily create blog posts that are tailor-made for your website and published under your name.
  • Articles: High-quality news articles are another wonderful way of boosting your ranking and creating more clicks. By providing users with up-to-date news on current events in your industry, you’ll generate a lot of interest in your site.
  • Guest posts: As well as providing blog posts published under your name, we can also create guest posts on other sites that help generate backlinks to your website.
  • Infographics: Infographics combine visual content with written information to create a really engaging thing. Web users like infographics as they’re easy to digest and take in. As a consequence, this can help boost the appeal of your web content, providing you with a reputation boost.
  • Website copywriting: The way your website is set up and written will play a huge role in your search ranking. The copywriting service we offer is designed to make your site more SEO-friendly. We know how to use the right keywords as effectively as possible, to give you a firm ranking boost.

If you look at any articles that include Google Ranking best practices, then quality content will be at the top of every list. It’s always been important, but content was made even more vital thanks to an update from Google in 2017. They updated the algorithm they use to rank websites and placed a huge emphasis on websites with good quality content. The main aim was to target any sites that had low-quality content and penalise them for offering nothing to web users. It changed the way people approached SEO and web design, with many sites suffering ranking penalties and dropping down from their high positions.

This is why we make an effort to create high-quality content for your site. By doing this, we help you avoid pointless penalties that lower your ranking. The result is that your ranking stays very positive, which puts you in a good position to build on this and see more web traffic.

Step 2: Professional Industry Outreach & Communication With 3rd Parties

The second part of our service is all about communication with others. We know that a key way to improve your search ranking is to gain a lot of backlinks from other websites. Doing this is easier said than done. In fact, an individual working alone will not be able to do this to the high standard necessary for a big impact.

In this phase of the plan, our team communicates with 3rd party websites and builds an outreach programme with bloggers. We collect hundreds of different sites, which form a pool of sorts for us to dip into whenever necessary.

This is very much something that happens behind the scenes. Our outreach specialists are constantly working with other website owners and companies to keep expanding our portfolio. The more sites we have at our disposal, the more links we can generate back to your website.

As we’ve already mentioned, building these links is crucial for improving your Google Ranking. This is because the more links you have pointing to your site, the more reputable it looks. Think about it, if dozens of sites are all linking to the same website, this means the website must be trustworthy. On the other hand, imagine if your website had no backlinks whatsoever. What picture does this create for Google? A site with no backlinks isn’t trustworthy, doesn’t have a good reputation, and will fall down the rankings.

Therefore, you need lots of backlinks. As a result, before we can get these links, we need to build a portfolio of 3rd party sites for these links to go on.

Step 3: The Arrangement Of Appropriate Backlinks On Relevant Websites

The final step in the ranking and traffic boost process is to generate backlinks to your website. There are two major things to think about here; appropriate backlinks and relevant websites.

What are appropriate backlinks?

What do we mean when we mention ‘appropriate’ backlinks? Basically, this term refers to a backlink that’s suitable for your website. When the link appears in content, it should have some sort of relevancy to your site and what you offer.

As an example, our site is all about SEO/SEM services. Therefore, we’d be looking for backlinks that include appropriate keywords like ‘SEO’ ‘increase web traffic’ ‘Google ranking’ and so on. The same applies to your site, we consider what your website offers, and use appropriate keywords to create the backlinks.

What are relevant sites?

As a consequence, appropriate backlinks need to be put on relevant sites. Using our website as an example again, we’d be looking for 3rd party sites that post content relating to SEO services, etc. This makes it easy for us to slip a backlink into some content, making it look very natural. On the contrary, it wouldn’t make sense to put these backlinks on sites that have absolutely no relevance to our industry.

In essence, this step is all about using the 3rd party websites we’ve collected as part of the outreach programme. Depending on your site, we trawl through many different sites until we find the perfect matches for you. Then, we go ahead and generate guest posts on these sites that include a backlink to your website. All of the sites are relevant, and the backlinks are appropriate.

Now, you will start to generate more backlinks – all of which are high-quality and non-spammy. This boosts your reputation and gives your ranking a massive increase.

How To Increase Web Traffic: A Summary

To round things off, we’ll quickly summarise everything that’s been talked about on this page.

How do you increase web traffic? It all starts with your Google Ranking. Improve this, and you will start generating way more traffic through search engines. The most recent web traffic statistics show that a whopping 51% of all website traffic comes from organic searches. As a result, if you’re not focusing on this – by improving your ranking – then you’re missing out on a huge chunk of website visitors.

How do you boost your Google Ranking? There are two key concerns; quality content and quality backlinks. By focusing on these, you will make your site more reputable, which fires it up the rankings. More articles on the subject can be found here.

A Little Bit About Us (Google Ranker FTW)

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By having a collective partnership of Google optimisation companies, we’ve created a massive group of experienced search engine marketers with all the knowledge in the world. We make life easier for you by collecting all these companies and many different services into one simple bubble.

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