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As described in the guide, the preferable way to increase your website traffic is primarily a by-product of increasing your websites Google Ranking. Therefore, in simple terms, to increase the amount of customers your website receives, you should try to increase your Google Ranking.

You can read our article on how to do that by clicking below:

How to increase your Google Ranking

So how do we do it? (Safely, and effectively)
To rank your website, Google initially looks at your website content to see what it’s about, but as soon as there’s a lot of competition for the term you want to rank for, it uses your website’s reputation to move you above or below your competition. Your website’s reputation is mostly comprised of the strength of in-bound links from other websites. Good quality links (from good articles on strong websites) offer better reputation building than bad links (cheap back-links in poor articles). Simply put, the Google Ranker team build up your sites reputation using those best practices, so that it’s ranked above your competitors, and gets a greater share of organic search traffic.

How are we unique? (We combine 3 separate services into each of our boost products!)
Usually, the search engine optimisation and marketing (SEO/SEM) services listed above, are offered separately, in upto 3 separate services that you would need to purchase and manage from separate providers.

  1. The creation of high-quality articles / copy-writing / guest posts
  2. Professional industry outreach and communication with 3rd parties
  3. The arrangement of appropriate backlink placements on relevant websites

Here at Google Ranker, we provide all three of these services, wrapped up into simple products, that you can simply purchase, and we handle the rest!

A little bit about us (Google Ranker FTW!)
Google Ranker (formerly SEO Traffic Experts) is a website optimisation, and search engine optimisation/marketing (SEO/SEM) group of companies based across the UK.

This partnership between Google optimisation companies and experienced search engine marketers creates a vast-wealth of experience and networking opportunities that have been consolidated into simple to understand services.

These services are primarily used to increase website traffic relating to a specific keyword term/phrase, using methods frequently described as off-site SEO, that is guest-posting and backlink building on relevant web-pages across the internet.

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