What boost should I buy?

If you have a weak website (low traffic, not in top 3 pages of Google), then you can see good results even with our ‘Basic Boost’! The benefits of boosts add up, so you can always start with a basic boost, and then try a stronger boost to add to it. If you are already in a very competitive place (top 3 pages) then you may need a stronger boost to see greater results.

How much traffic will I get?

For most popular terms there are thousands of people searching for them every day. You will get a much higher percentage of this traffic the higher you appear in Google’s result pages. You can see the amount of traffic received for your term by entering it into the ‘Google Keyword Planner‘. It’s worth noting that even if your term only receives a few hundred searches per month, it’s still worth investing in a permanently better ranking strength by using Google Ranker, as this lasts forever, increasing your traffic over the long term, which usually outweighs the relatively small investment costs.

How does Google Ranker work?

Please see our dedicated page for an in-depth explanation on how we can increase website traffic, along with reputation (page-rank).

How long does it take to work?

It can take 30 days, plus Google Indexing time, before your reputation boost is in full effect.

Why? Upon purchasing a website boost, you are investing in multiple services that work together to provide a long-term benefit to your websites traffic. These services include the creation of articles which need to be written in perfect English, and then communication with 3rd party websites which can take a varied amount of time, we then coordinate the listing of the article and the exact link text to best improve your reputation based on best practices. None of these things can be completed instantly in any meaningful and long-lasting way. Trust us, it’s worth the wait!

Does it last forever?

Yes, the increase in your ranking strength is permanent. Other sites ranking-strength may vary, increasing or decreasing your exact position over time, however Google Ranker only provide permanent backlinks that establish a strong long lasting reputation increase for your website.

How to grow website traffic?

The most effective way to grow website traffic is to appear higher in search engine result pages for the terms relevant to your website. This is the approach Google Ranker take with their ‘boost’ products.

How to increase website traffic fast?

The most significant increase in website traffic comes as you reach the top 3 pages of Google. Then it increases exponentially as you move towards the top of page #1, with page #1 having approximately 95% of all website traffic. This means that the best way to increase website traffic fast, is to achieve a high Google Ranking, if this is something you need to achieve as soon as possible, we would recommend our most powerful boost: https://google-ranker.com/product/premium-boost/

How to increase website traffic for free?

Increasing website traffic only happens based on reputation increase or paid traffic (PPC), either one of which takes time or both time and money. You should make sure that you optimise your website content as much as possible, by making sure it is well written unique content. This is referred to as on-page search engine optimisation (SEO). However, for competitive terms, you will struggle to reach the top 3 pages of search engine result pages (SERPS) using your own content alone, you will need to boost the reputation of your website.